Episode 9: Business Leader’s Ringside Seat in the World of Education Innovation

In the final episode of Season 1, Ted Dintersmith, a venture capitalist and thought leader in innovation and education, joins our regular contributors, Dr. Barnett Berry and Merrit Jones. Ted shares bright spots from what he learned in his visits to schools in all 50 states, and lays out ideas to engage business leaders in shaping the future of education in South Carolina.

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A video podcast for community leaders who believe it’s time to stop nibbling around the edges of education reform and move to real transformation.

ElevatED4SC tells success stories of how education transformation is already happening in some South Carolina schools. This vodcast explores what other states are doing to meet similar challenges and shares what education could look like with a whole child approach. If students are to succeed academically and in life, schools must also attend to their social, physical, cognitive, mental, and emotional needs. We are here to help lead that conversation. Our students deserve no less.

ElevatEd4SC is a production of ALL4SC, a University of South Carolina initiative that is leading the way in advocating for a whole child approach to education, created in partnership with the University of South Carolina’s College of Information and Communications and College of Education, as well as the Tri-County Cradle to Career Collaborative.

meet our host

Roshanda Pratt

Roshanda is a well-respected broadcast journalist with 20 years of experience and a regular contributor on local television, radio, and podcasts. Her dynamic personality and expertise have been featured nationally on CBS’ The Talk, the Tamron Hall Show, and The Today Show. Roshanda runs a thriving online brand known as The Rosho Live where she regularly shares her faith, humor, and 20 years of television producing experience.

meet our contributors

Barnett Berry

Barnett is a Research Professor at the University of South Carolina, where he also serves as Senior Director for Policy & Innovation. He is the founder of ALL4SC, as well as founder of the Center for Teaching Quality, a non-profit that focused on igniting teacher leadership to transform public education for more equitable outcomes for students. He is author of over 150 peer review articles, book chapters, and journal publications focused on teaching policy, teacher leadership, and systemic change in education.

Christina Melton

Christina is a veteran educator with more than 28 years of experience ranging from classroom teacher to distinct administrator. As a product of SC public schools and a first generation college graduate, Dr. Melton is an advocate for teacher leadership, student voice and educator engagement.

Victor Young

Victor is Director of Accelerating Learning and Leadership in South Carolina (ALL4SC) at the University of South Carolina. For over 35 years he has worked at the intersection of schools, government, philanthropy, and the private sector to improve outcomes for all children, and particularly the underserved, both rural and urban, across the nation.  

Merrit Jones

Merrit is a fellow with ALL4SC and also serves as an Advisor to Student Voice. A recent graduate from UNC-Chapel Hill, she now splits her time between DC and her home in South Carolina to work on whole child education policy and practice across the state. Merrit is passionate about storytelling, school finance policy, and youth engagement.

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