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In the final episode of Season 1, Ted Dintersmith, a venture capitalist and thought leader in innovation and education, joins our regular contributors, Dr. Barnett Berry and Merrit Jones. Ted shares bright spots from what he learned in his visits to schools in all 50 states, and lays out ideas to engage business leaders in shaping the future of education in South Carolina.

This episode, we are joined by regular contributor Merrit Jones, an advisor to national organization StudentVoice, who shares the importance of making space for student voices. Later, contributor Barnett Berry joins Merrit to discuss how building student-teacher partnership relies on teacher leadership.

“We have to stop nibbling around the edges of education in SC.” In this episode, we are joined by SC Senator Greg Hembree (R-Horry, Dillon), chairman of the Senate Education Committee, who shares his vision for the teaching profession. Later, we hear from Allen Kirby, principal of Walker Gamble Elementary in rural Clarendon County, who tells us how he established a system of collective leadership and collaborative teaching in his school.

There’s more to education than what happens in the classroom. In this episode, we take a look at what local communities can do for the education of SC children. We are joined by Vernon Kennedy Sr., executive director of Fairfield Behavioral Health Services, who shares how he works to provide essential services for the young people in his community of Fairfield County, SC. Later, regular contributor Dr. Barnett Berry discusses a new report on whole child education policy in the state, the foundations we already have in place and the opportunities available for SC to achieve a transformed system of education.

This episode discusses transforming learning environments in South Carolina, for both students and teachers, from their perspectives. Regular contributors are joined by Linda Funkhouser, senior at Lexington High School, and Veronica Thomas, teacher at Fairfield Central High School. We hear about the resources needed in every school district in order for both teachers and students to thrive.

This episode covers the digital divide in South Carolina, and explores the importance of broadband, equitable access to high-speed internet, and digital literacy in order to build a resilient community. Regular contributors are joined by Jim Stritzger, director of the state Broadband Office, and Phyllis Martin, CEO of the Tri-County Cradle to Career Collaborative.

In this episode, our regular contributors are joined by National Board Certified Teacher Patrick Kelly of Richland District 2. We hear discussions of how teachers have gotten innovative and taken initiative in leading their classrooms, and explore how whole child education relies on teacher leadership. Click here for Dr. Barnett Berry’s recent report Teacher Leadership for Whole Child Education: A Global Perspective.

In this episode, contributors explore stories from SC teachers that illuminate the need for education transformation. Powerful vignettes illustrate what students may deal with beyond the classroom, while simultaneously showing how teachers play an important role in a student’s development beyond their academic needs.

In the first episode of ElevatED4SC, our guests discuss the need for whole child education and set the stage for future conversations about what we can do to elevate education in South Carolina for every child.